Here at Deepdale we realise the importance of Maintaining the optimum efficiency in the running of your computer. Be it for Office or Home the reliability and performance of your computer is paramount.

Just like your car, computers have moving parts that need regular maintenance and we can do this for you.

Did you know that Laptops need regular cleaning so they don’t overheat? Bring your laptop into our shop and we will blow out the dust with our high pressure airline while you wait.
PC’s need regular servicing too, but it is likely to need dismantling first so you may need to leave it with us for a short time.
Our Fastrack service is also available to ensure a speedy service or repair.

If your computer is getting old and slow, you’ve probably considered either buying a new one, or upgrading your current PC.
Upgrading your PC could save you a lot of money, so if you decide that upgrading certain parts of your computer is best for you, then Deepdale can advise and offer you the perfect solution.

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