Our experienced engineers diagnose faults fast and can often replace the faulty components to “board level” repair, rather than replacing the whole circuit board. We do our best to ensure that you get a more reliable repair at the lowest cost. Laptop keyboards are often damaged by spilled drinks. If you spill a drink into your laptop, REMOVE THE BATTERY IMMEDIATELY, TURN THE LAPTOP UPSIDE DOWN (SCREEN LEFT OPEN) and call us as soon as you can for further advice.
The most common repair we do is the DC socket. These are easily broken and often result in the laptop being beyond economical repair. Deepdale can replace this socket for you. Replacing a USB port costs £10.00 + VAT more. We can arrange our couriers to pick up and redeliver the laptop to you if required. Altogether, this can still be cheaper than the cost of a new laptop!
We will ALWAYS give you a quotation first, and ALWAYS get confirmation from you before proceding with a repair.